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July 12, 2024
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Global Design Thinking Festival
Global Design Thinking Festival
September and October 2022
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Virtual Collaboration

GDTA member institutions from five continents are sharing their best practices and tools for virtual collaboration, with a focus on Design Thinking teamwork.


Learn about current topics of the Design Thinking community and join the discussion.  Discover interesting insights about cultural aspects, new methods and reflections on ways of Design Thinking implementation.

What is Design Thinking

A method, a work-mode, a culture, a trend? The GDTA tries to define and structure the understanding of Design Thinking. Read more about our point of view and experiences here.

“The time has come to drive Design Thinking at global level. The GDTA will help us do just that.”

Uli Weinberg, President GDTA

The Global Design Thinking Alliance (GDTA) is a network of institutions that teach, research and further develop the methods and mindsets of Design Thinking. …

This world-wide network of institutions promotes excellence in Design Thinking education and research. …

The aim is for the GDTA to become the global platform for the exchange, debate and exploration on best practices in Design Thinking education, training and research. Learn more…

Global Design Thinking Challenge

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Meet our Founding Members

“Design Thinking is about leveraging diversity.”

Richard Perez
d-school at University  of Cape Town, South Africa

“Design Thinking is a gift to mankind, it needs to be properly promoted.”

Dato Lee Yew Meng
Genovasi, Malaysia

“We need to come to a consensus of definitions.”

Linda Hickman
Start-up bootcamp London, United Kingdom

“GDTA can present a clear road map for Design Thinking.”

Liao Xianzhong
Communication University of China