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December 8, 2021

Activities & Initiatives

Welcome to the GDTA Conference

Global Design Thinking Conference

Once a year, GDTA members gather at the Global Design Thinking Conference to discuss relevant themes in the field of Design Thinking and Innovation.
Global Design Thinking Weeks

Global Design Thinking Weeks

The Global Design Thinking Week (GDTW) is the introductory Design Thinking study program designed by the HPI School of Design Thinking in cooperation with GDTA member institutions.

Coaches Exchange Program

The CEP aims at a cross-cultural exchange about programs and experiences between Design Thinking coaches to develop and further enhance coaching practices in academic and professional settings.

GDTA Spotlight

We are happy to invite you to our online event series “GDTA Spotlight” – an opportunity for global Design Thinkers to gather online to discuss important issues from our community.

Past Events

Here you can find an overview of our past events such as conferences and Global Design Thinking Weeks.