GDTA Virtual Collaboration Toolset

GDTA members share tips and recommendations for virtual collaboration

In the current Coronavirus crisis, educational institutions around the world are facing a lot of similar challenges. What kind of interactive learning formats can we offer in times of social distancing? Especially for Design Thinking schools on-site team collaboration has always been a key element in the learning process. At the moment, our habitual ways of collaborative team work and learning are not working anymore.

Therefore, we have to rethink our approaches and develop new concepts for virtual collaboration and to activate our collective intelligence. As Design Thinkers, we obviously love to take on a challenge and are already adapting to this unprecedented situation.

Initiated by the HPI School of Design Thinking, GDTA member institutions from five continents have created a Miro board to share best practices and tools for virtual collaboration, with a focus on Design Thinking team work.

Below you can find our Miro board, which gives you an overview of the digital tools and platforms GDTA members use to collaborate remotely with their staff as well as with their students. The flag icons show you which tools are used by the respective Design Thinking schools.

Access the Miro board: You can either click on the hand symbol and enlarge the board or go directly to the Miro board by clicking on the link at the bottom.

If you can recommend any other online tools or best practices for virtual collaboration in education, please send us a message to