Global Design Thinking Conference 2020

Global Design Thinking Conference: Responsible Innovation in Times of Uncertainty

On August 13th, 2020 The Global Design Thinking Alliance (GDTA) and the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) hosted the Global Design Thinking Conference “Responsible Innovation in Times of Uncertainty”.

In a world that is being reshaped by societal disruptions and crises, the demand for fast innovations solving urgent problems is rising. Businesses, the public sector, and non-governmental organizations need to accelerate and streamline processes, work more effectively, and make faster decisions. But how can we make sure that innovations that are developed in times of uncertainty consider social, ethical, environmental and cultural aspects alongside technical solutions? How can we foster strategic cooperation between citizens, businesses, politics and research to combine expertise and create solutions with a positive impact?

International experts from companies, public institutions, NGOs and research discussed these and other questions together with 450 participants during our global online conference on August 13th.

Panel Discussion Global Design Thinking Conference 2020
Panel Discussion "Building Standards for Ethical Innovation" with Uli Weinberg, Mei Lin Fung, Hinrich Thölken, Christoph Meinel, Konstantinos Karachalios and Sarah Spiekermann

Conference review

Our online conference moved around the world on August 13th. It kicked off with a contribution from our members Malaysia and Communication University of China, then moved to Central Europe, Egypt and South Africa and finished with the last program block in North and South America.

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Below you find a video gallery of our keynote speeches and panel discussions.

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Video Gallery Keynotes and Panel Discussion

Global Design Thinking Conference 2020 | Welcome Note by Uli Weinberg

Global Design Thinking Conference 2020 | Welcome by Malaysia

Keynote Honorable Hjh Nancy Shukri

Keynote First Admiral Baharudin Wan Md Nor

Panel Discussion: Human-Centered Innovation During Global Crises

Martin Fassunge: Developing the Corona Warn App

Klaus Suwelack: Building a Cross-Industry Network for Health Innovation

Peter Rabley: Developing a Common Health Data Map

Panel Discussion: Private-Public Partnerships for Innovation

Input by Christoph Meinel

Hinrich Thoelken: Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy

Konstantinos Karachalios: Building Global Innovation Standards

Sarah Spiekermann: Value Based Engineering, Design Thinking and the IEEE P7000 Standard

Panel Discussion: Ethical Innovation Standards & the Role of Design Thinking

Arthur Caplan: Coronavirus Vaccines: Facts, Fantasy, and How to Vaccinate Our Way Out of This Pandemic

Jeanne Liedtka: Using Design Thinking As a Way to Foster Inclusion and Dialogue Across Difference.

Ali Hessami: Challenges of Technology Ethics Standardization

Keynote by Roman Yosif

Introducing Klanghotel Bergsonne

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