Design Thinking Virtual Summit
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Masters Corporate Education, the corporate education arm of Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) is hosting the biggest virtual design thinking summit in Asia on 27, 28 and 29 of April 2021.

THE SPRINT will bring together global experts in Design Thinking. GDTA Founding member HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam is Knowledge Partner of the event and are happy to announce that Uli Weinberg, Director of the HPI D-School and GDTA President, and Jentz Tzen Tan, Programm Lead at the HPI D-School, are two of the many speakers and Design Thinking experts joining the conference.

Within 3 days the latest insights on creative problem solving and innovation are going to be discussed in 15 fully virtual live sessions.


In the globalized world businesses and institutions are confronted with constantly changing structures in the world of life and work. The pandemic as a challenge for society as a whole is just one example of a highly intertwined problem. In the coming years, new challenges will also require new methods. At THE SPRINT participants will discuss Design Thinking as a new kind of thinking, a new approach towards innovation, and how it can be a game changer for new solutions beyond the pandemic.

Under the motto “Finding solution for wicked problems“ more than 1000 senior business professionals and decision makers in the fields of New Product Development, Innovation, Customer Experience, Marketing and Branding will gather at the exclusive online event. The organizer Masters Corporate Education as a leading corporate training institution designed a carefully curated schedule.

The Design Thinking Virtual Summit will take place between April 27 th  and 29th, 2021. To be as impactful as possible it is open for anyone for free, who wants to learn about new ways of problem-solving and innovation.

For more information, an overview of the schedule, and registration visit:

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